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Alpacas are adictive, don't let anyone tell you any other.  Our herd has grown quickly starting from 5 pregnant females in December 2013 to 27 by the end of August 2015.  Like all Alpaca breeders, you wish your life away, as soon as this year's cria are born you wonder what next year will bring.  Each year just as exciting as the previous.   We are hoping for 7 cria in 2016 with our pretty girl Selena due to be the first to give birth.



Carina of Bozedown bought from Barnacre - our herd matriach, I love this girl, she has a quiet way about her until one of the others step out of line, they are soon put back in their place.


Carina who was covered by Wyona Sunset a handsome grey carrying an abundance of  fine fleece produced a lovely brown girl, Rivenherd Bramble.


We did not mate Carina in 2015 as she would benefit from a year off.




Barnacre Sienna our little squealer but lovely with it.   She is a champion who still has a dense solid brown fleece and a great acquistion to our herd.


Sienna was covered by Inca Darwin in 2014 and this summer she presented us with a very nice true black boy - Rivenherd Bacchus, really looking forward to seeing how this boy develops.


​This year we chose Fowberry Nobility, love this boy to go over Sienna.




Barnacre Ellie May has the sweetest face and expression and what a super mum she is.  She is a big girl with good conformation and dense fleece.


Ellie who was covered by Gianmarco Masterpiece has produced a lovely big boy, with bright white, crimpy fleece - Rivenherd Boris, looking forward to showing him this year.


Fowberry Marmion (son of EPC Top Account) has worked hard this summer/autumn doing all the

spitoffs - we decided to see what he would give us over Ellie May.




Fowberry Petra joined us here at Rivenherd in October 2015 along with her daughter Fowberry Bonita.   Petra is a big upstanding girl with great conformation and Bonita is following in her footsteps.


Petra has been covered by EP Cambridge Golden Age and we cannot wait for the birth of this cria due June 2016.




Rushmere Fortuna joined us December 2014, her sire is the well renowned Alpaca Stud Nyetimber.  She was covered by Inca Grey Flyte before joining us producing a bay black boy Rivenherd Bentley.


This summer we have tried covering her with a different grey in the hope of grey progeny 2016. Sunset Boulevard was the lucky chap. 




Fowberry Rosa very quickly became Joe's favourite - she has oodles of personality and is a real pleasure to own.  Hopefully her offspring will be just like her.  


Rosa was covered by Warramunga Downs Miguel of Fowberry - we really love this boy and now we have a darling black girl, Alesha.  We were so pleased with Alesha that we repeated the mating, resulting in Rivenherd Benson who is coming along nicely.


Still looking for grey progeny we have also covered Rosa with Boulevard​




Fowberry Rhiannon is not the most confident female but very easy to own.   She has an impressive pedigree behind her and a more impressive fleece which is dense and bright.


Rhiannon was covered by EP Cambridge Fortitude, she was last to give birth but we are really pleased with the last addition of 2014, lovely fine fleeced white girl Amelia.  We repeated this mating, resulting in a carbon copy cria named Rivenherd Bethany.

We left Rhiannon open this year as it was getting to late in the season for




Houghton Selby is an upstanding mid grey female with attitude, always there first for everything.

Selby has produced 2 stunning progeny by Salvador of Houghton in Houghton Selena and our very fine even fleeced mid grey male named Rivenherd Amos.  Amos should be ready to work in 2016.


Unfortunately Selby aborted this autumn, sad but we can try again.



Houghton Selena is a lovely young rose grey female with an abundance of soft fleece which just attracts everything it shouldn't.

We took Selena to her first show in 2014 at the Yorkshire Alpaca Group short fleeced show where she was awarded 1st Intermediate Grey Female.  We showed Selena at the National where she was awarded 1st place and again at the Futurity 2015 where she was awarded another 1st and Reserve Champion Grey Female.


Selena has been lucky enough to be covered by the impressive new grey

on the block - EP Cambridge Gunsmith (Imp)



We are expecting great things from Fowberry Tinkerbell, she has a very impressive fleece of above average coverage.  


Tinkerbell's first show in 2014 was the Yorkshire Alpaca Group short fleeced show where she was awarded 1st Intermediate Fawn Female.  She then went on to take Champion Fawn Female.  We entered Tinkebell's fleece in 2015 National where it was awarded 3rd place. At the Futurity 2015 she made 5th place in a very strong fawn class.  Much to our delight Tinkerbell was awarded her

2nd Championship at Northumberland County Show.


We are both so delighted with her and the fact she has been covered by

EP Cambridge Golden Age puts the icing on the cake for us.


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